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Our company was established in 1960 and introduced artificial insemination in Hungary at first, which was an breakthrough in bovine breeding that time. Since then our technology is continuously being developed.

Our activity:

  • bovine and pig semen production, import and marketing

  • reproduction consultation

  • herd analysis, sire mating for Holsteins

  • semen storage

  • insemination tools sale

  • liquid nitrogen sale

  • sale of equipments and tools used in the breeding or hobby sector

Semen offer

Our company produces, imports and market excellent frozen semen of all kinds of breeds in Hungary. We also serve the breeders with top genetic swine semen.

For our Holstein breeding programme we use international, top sires and bulldams. We recently have started using genomic bulls to be tested in the Hungarian breeding programme. Using genomic-analysed bulls ensures much more accuracy in selection.

In addition we also can serve our clients with sexed Holstein- friesian semen.

Artificial insemination bases

Our Artificial Insemination Center for bovine is located in Gödöllő, app. 30 km from the capital, Budapest. The centre houses 35-40 bulls on average. The centre has all the registration and qualifications necessary to be able to export sires or semen both to Europen Union or other countries. (EU codes: H07, H02, H03).

The A.I?s other centre is specialized only in swine and located in Magyarkeresztúr. Its European registration number is H05.

Genetic program

The base of our genetic program is the exploit of the domestic and foreign population source in a best and whole way. We test several young bull groups according to the market needing. We do parallel brood analysises with other European artificial insemination. We test bulls in Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, USA Germany and Austria. The Hungarian method for calculate the domestic brood value is a standard system which is absolutely compatible with other European Union countries. The brood values are converted according to the interbull system in domestic and foreign. The manufacture method is verified by the independent organization which has been supervised by Hungarian Agricultural Ministry.

Other services

Fertilize biological services, file analysises and copulation plan make, insemination tools sale.


Imre Solymosi

General Manager

Dr. Péter Hudák

Production Manager

Dr. Unger Istvánné

Swine Production Manager

OMT Head Office Gödöllő

E-mail: info@omtrt.hu

Phone number: (+36)28/430-588